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Juice cleanses/detoxes seem to be all the rage right now, the one that happened to interest me the most was the Blueprint Cleanse. I’ve been eating badly for a while, and now a lot of my gastrointestinal problems that I had in college are resurfacing. After many failures at giving my bank account to Whole Foods in an attempt to truly change my eating habits, I figured a cleanse would be a good way to jump start the process.

I researched into a lot of cleanse and although I was still balking at the prices, Blueprint came out one of the cheapest (plus the packaging is so aesthetically pleasing–yes this matters to me!). After beating around the bush and the pure decadence of Thanksgiving, Blueprint finally blessed us all with a few 20% coupon codes. I opted to try the one day Renovation cleanse to see if I could actually stomach all the juices before dropping almost $200 for 3 days and hating it.


The juices arrived later in the morning. You’re not supposed to have anything the day of other than warm water, so by the time it arrived I was starving! I quickly un-boxed it to get started on the first juice.


They were nicely wrapped in well insulated bubble wrap with freezer packs to keep everything nice and chilled, which it was!

IMG_1726*All the juices lined up. Please note that I have two number fours, as I am allergic to nuts, I couldn’t have juice number 5 with is the cashew milk. Total bummer.

Juice Number 1: Green Juice, not my favorite. I even gagged a couple of times. I think the gagging was mainly due to the strong parsley flavor that it had, I hate parsley.

Juice Number 2: Pineapple, Apple, Mint aka P.A.M; easily the best tasting juice. I loved it, very refreshing. I can drink P.A.M. all day.

Juice Number 3: Another Green Juice, didn’t struggle with this one as much.

Juice Number 4: Spicy Lemonade, By now I was feeling really full and didn’t really want anymore juice. This one was VERY spicy to me and it didn’t agree that well with my acid reflux. Would be very nice if they cut down on the cayenne.

Juice Number 5: Carrot, Apple, Beet, Ginger (C.A.B.), Did not like this one AT ALL, and I like beets. It just tasted really gross to me and there was too much ginger, I’d rather drink the green juice than this.

Juice Number 6: Normally Cashew Milk which I couldn’t have so another Spicy Lemonade for me. I really hope blueprint can come up with another “dessert juice” for people that have nut allergies. Maybe like a coconut and date milk? I really didn’t like having something that spicy for my last drink before bed, even if I’m supposed to drink it 2 hours prior. It really sucked because I do have acid reflux. I took two sips of this one and went to bed.

All in all it was a good experience. I enjoyed most of the juices and it really detoxed my body. I lost 5 lbs that day I so guess I had a lot of gross stuff in my system. I would definitely do it again, and shoot for the 3 day cleanse. For more information or to order your own cleanse, head over to



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