When wandering around Sephora Memorial Day weekend, I found myself drawn to the bright, rainbow colored packages that were Sephora brand masks. Immediately I scampered over. After seeing the new avocado face mask (AVOCADO!!) and grinning like a psychopath, a sales associate came over to tell me and another customer about the latest masks. Then she mentioned they now have two different lip masks. “Come again?”, I ask. My psoriasis has spread to my upper lip and no amount of lip gloss/balm is helping. She said they provide deep moisture for dry lips. Obviously I grabbed both kinds: the rose (moisturizing and softening) and the shea (protecting and repairing) to try out. I anxiously used the rose mask first, sorry no photo. Like the face mask, these things are.messy. If you’re not careful when opening the package, you’ll end up ripping the lip mask, like I did. The actual mask is sandwiched in between two paper shaped lips folded over. It’s so goopy that it’s hard to pry the paper off the mask. Eventually I was able to get the actual mask out, albeit ripped in half. You are supposed to leave them on your lips for 15 minutes, then rub in the remaining product on your lips.

I think I prefer the rose mask over the shea, as it lasted a while longer than the other. Although neither provided a long lasting moisture. By the end of the day my lips felt dry again and the shea lip mask made my lips burn, which I’m sure is not supposed to happen. They’re fun, but extremely messy. I don’t know if I would repurchase them again. I know I’d definitely not repurchase the shea lip mask.


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