Everyone is always raving about African black soap products, as they’re supposed to help with skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. So I decided to try the shampoo and conditioner. With the weather flip flopping between 85 and 50 degrees around here, the psoriasis in my scalp has been flaring up quite badly. I’m sorry to say that this product does absolutely nothing for me. The smell is a bit off putting, but not enough to make me not want to use the product. It makes my hair feel nice and soft. Immediately after washing my hair, I began to comb it out, I noticed that I had flakes on my comb. Upon further inspection I noticed that the scaling that I get around my hair line was still there! I continued to use it a couple more times thinking that maybe I didn’t get a good enough lather or leave it on long enough the first couple of times. Nope. It didn’t make a difference. All this product did was manage to take away the itch–temporarily. The flakes and scaling were still there. I think I’ll just stick to my Mizani scalp care which does a much better job. I love the Shea Moisture brand, but this product just isn’t for me.


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