I love the blemish therapy powder much more than the original Bare Minerals powder for two reasons: One, I like the packaging. The mesh insert seems to be the way most make up companies are starting to move towards for their powders. I like it because I have more control over the product and I don’t send powder flying everywhere in my bathroom. So, since I have more control over the amount of powder I use, I don’t have to purchase this as frequently (which may to the chagrin of Bare Minerals to be honest). I’ve always used this powder more so to set my foundation rather than using it on its own. I like the mattifying effect that this gives to my face. I know that it is called “blemish therapy” but honestly it does nothing in that regard towards my acne. However, I would repurchase this over the original because of the mattifying properties. Check this product out if you have oily or combination skin.


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