I’ve been itching to try Becca’s products for a while now, but they’ve only been available online and not in any Sephora stores around me. They finally begun to stock it in store and I was so thrilled! I HATE buying foundation online, I never get the right color. I was able to swatch this in store and I went with the color ‘tobacco’ (ew). Described as “a full-coverage yet breathable foundation formulated with high concentrations of pigment and water.” I had high hopes with this foundation, but unfortunately it’s not a real hit for me. It covers well and goes on the skin beautifully…at least for a few hours. Once the oil starts to set in my skin, it’s almost as if the foundation breaks down and it looks horrible. Like I patted a make up removing oil or lotion on my face. It’s only March, I’d hate to see what this looks like in the humidity of summer. If you have dry skin, this would probably work great for you. It might even do okay on combination skin, you could probably blot. But if you have oily skin, forget about it.



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