So, I’m totally not the person who uses bb creams, they scare me. I have oily skin, so when I hear the words ‘glow’, ‘dewy’, and so forth, I panic. A friend who works for Estee Lauder told me I’d love it. I was hesitant, not only for the reasons listed before, but because Estee Lauder has messed with their double wear formulas and I’m not a huge fan. I let my friend talk me into a sample and I ended up LOVING IT. I was FLOORED.


Not only did it someone last all day, I couldn’t see a ton of my oil shining through it. I only had to blot once all day! This BB cream does give a slight glow, it’s nothing too over the top shiny like some BB creams tend to be. It has amazing coverage due to it being a double wear product, but it feels very lightweight on the skin. I still needed the tiniest bit of concealer due to some heavy acne scars I have left, but the BB cream covered the majority of them. I highly recommend this product! I got it from Macy’s and they’re currently in gift so you get this cute Lily Pulitzer make up bag (which I was in desperate need of) with goodies in it.IMG_0920

Eyeshadow quad in ‘Subtle’, Daywear moisturizer, Take It Away make up removing lotion, Pure Color lipstick in ‘pink parfait’, advanced night repair, mascara in sumptuous bold volume lifting.

I was pleasantly surprised with this product and can’t wait until it stays continuously warm. This will be a great product for the summer, no doubt!


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